Palazzo Passerini


Palace of the thirteenth century. And located outside the City and above the town square was originally called the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo. Originally embattled and crowned by a tower which was located on the field for the assemblies. This name hard 'until 1411 when with the purchase of common by the Florentine Republic was to drop the post of Captain of the People.

In 1512 to win his sympathy was donated by the city to Silvio Passerini, having been appointed the same date display of Leo X Medici da Cortona which then depended. Passerini imposed displacement of the field of meetings and enriched the palace with frescoes and stained glass. In the coming years underwent numerous changes and additions so today is quite difficult to read the original appearance, although this still remains one of the most fascinating buildings in Cortona.

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